Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Story Sack

A story sack is a large cloth bag containing a children's book with supporting materials to stimulate reading activities and make shared reading a memorable and enjoyable experience. The sack contains soft toys of the book's main characters, and props and scenery that parents and other adults can use with children to bring a book to life, even if the adult's reading skills are limited. The sack might include a non-fiction book on the same theme, an audio-tape of the story, a language-based game and a short guide containing questions to ask, words to consider and other ways to extend the reading activity.

Story Sacks were developed by Neil Griffiths, formally a head teacher in Swindon, who now directs the National Support Project for Storystacks on behalf of the Basic Skills Agency. The initiative has now spread to schools, pre-schools and libraries throughout the country. They are designed to help adults share books with children in a way that is positive, theatrical, special, interactive and fun. Available to buy online at Storysacks

Sunday, 2 September 2007

45 High Frequecy Year Words

Numeracy and Literacy are vial skills which every child need to learn properly. The National Literacy and Numeracy Strategy is at the heart of the drive to raise stadatds in schools.

Visit us online at to receive you free download of the 45 high Frequency Year Words which every child is expected to recognise by the end of the their Reception school year.