Thursday, 20 December 2007

Educational Games

Playing games at home with your children will not only help them with all essential numeracy and literacy but will also encourage them to share, communicate and will have a great impact on their understanding of family life. We are all busy people alway rushing about, never taking time to sit down and spend quality time with our children. Encouraging family time together will not only be beneficial for you now but your children when they become parents.

Simple card games, board games and even traditional party games will give children quality time to bond with you. It's all too easy to say "Oh later, I'm too busy now, come back later" but we all know later sometimes never. Make a point of setting aside time to play a game, it won't take long and you will find qualities in your child you may not have seen for a long time.

Some of my favourite are simple games like "I Spy", Card Games and board games like Shopping List and Pass the Word. Even games like Ludo and Snap will encourage children to share and count.

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