Tuesday, 12 May 2009


Flashcards or Flash Cards. Either way they can be a great way to encourage children to learn and lots of fun for children and adults to play together. The Oxford Reading Tree Read at Home Flashcards are a fun way for children to learn common words used in English. Playing the word games will help children to:

  1. develop memory and concentration skills
  2. match letter and word shapes
  3. recognise many common words by sight
  4. build sentences

FIRST SKILLS FLASH CARDS introduce young children to letters of the alphabet, common colours and shapes, numbers 1 - 20 and maths symbols, important concepts which are the foundation of their future learning.

SAY AND SPELL FLASHCARDS are a fun way for children to develop their early reading skills.

Using the cards will help children to:

  1. Match letters to picture
  2. Match letter sounds to letter shapes
  3. Sounds out letters in words
  4. Blend letters to make words

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